He describes the various possibilities organising a trek in Nepal from going on your own, employing a porter or Porterguide to joining a organised tour. On the page discussion several guides have written a short overview of their services and you can direkctly go to their own site. On the Wall you will find their daily post. Thies goup is open for every one http: As you prepare to travel to the amazing country of Nepal for the first time, to follow in the footsteps of the exploring pioneers, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of other tourists before you, there are a couple of questions you will most probably consider. One of them will be whether you will go alone trekking in Nepal, or with friends, companions, family etc. Once you have decided that out of choice or necessity you will trek either alone, or with a companion, a small group, a large group, etc.

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Includes introductory material on reigns, calligraphy, historical and numismatic introductions to each series, and a fascinating period scroll illustrating the steps in cash manufacture. The listing format is user-friendly, as in his China work, including illustrations, cross-references to JNDA and other specialized works, and rarity guide.

Descriptions are given of the salient differences among varieties that are otherwise difficult for Western collectors to distinguish; a special finding guide for the maddeningly detailed Kanei Tsuho is alone worth the price of the book.

first – dating the coin Different types of coin may have different lay-outs of the date characters, but generally they fall into the same system of date recognition. The imprints on coins will usually be a little different from a characters’ printed form.

This city, rich in ancient arts, religious values, fabulous cultural traditions, architectural masterpieces and ancient sculptures, is also known as an open museum. Morever, the city is also famous as a city of gods. Bhaktapur has a cluster of temples, pagodas, monuments, courtyard, squares. The existing civilization charcterized with Newai life style and their fabulous traditons and rituals reflected in the day to day activities is the main point of attraction for fireigners visiting this city.

Tourists generally notice a marked uniquenss in the festivals, culture events and Newari traditions observed by the people of Bhaktapur. This beautiful and clean city teemed with architectural masterpieces, artistic temple and shrines and ancient aintings, has been able to preserve in historicla identity and civilization. It is famous as a main destination for domestic as well as international tourists. Though Bhaktapur is the smallest district of Nepal, it is rich in terms of its varied tourist attraction.

Listed as a world heritage site by the UNESCO, Bhaktapur offers its visitors the opportunity to closely study ancient architecture, arts and culture of Lichhavi and Malla rereigns. Renowned for Juju Dhau King sweet curd , clay pots and wood carving astistry. Bhaktapur has earned a worldwide reputation as a unique city.

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Nepalese Dating System The Nepalese calendar or Vikram Samvat is the official calendar of Nepal. It is a lunisolar calendar which use lunar months (just like the Western calendar) and solar sidereal years.

The final week of the campaign is upon us and this update covers the background of our remaining new themes. Thanks again for your support! Indian Theme Images of the Indian goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi, often depict a fountain of coins emanating out one of her four hands. While we can’t prove that the coins in this set originated from Lakshmi’s palm, it’s hard to find any evidence to the contrary.

Historical reproductions in this set include a coin from a nearly forgotten ancient kingdom, Funan, and a coin dating from the last days of the Sasanian Empire. However, the design on this coin outlasted the dynasties themselves – coins with Bull and Horseman design continued to be struck well after their defeat by Muslim conquerors in the 13th century.

The bull is thought to have represented piety and virility, while the horsemen symbolized power and wisdom, attributes any ruler would gladly be associated with. The Kingdom of Funan was relatively small, founded in the 1st century A. We do know that Funan was an important coastal trading site, and that its local culture was heavily influenced by Indian beliefs.

Coinage of India

Constitution provides that the Congress has the power “To coin money”. Section prescribes the forms in which the United States dollars should be issued. The pure silver dollar is known as the American Silver Eagle. Section also provides for the minting and issuance of other coins, which have values ranging from one cent to dollars. The Constitution provides that “a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time”.

The earliest coin minted in today’s territory of Nepal was in Shakya Mahajanapada which was along the India-Nepal border around BCE. Shakya coins were an example of a coin invented in Indian subcontinent and continued to be used in Nepal alongside India for over years.

Nepal, a land known as a home to the most of the highest peaks on earth including Mt. Everest and a great repository of medieval art and architecture, is also the cradle of two major religions of the world Hinduism and Buddhism. These two religions in a related short span of time has caused a unique development of cultural legacy of Nepal resulting a great array of art and artifacts.

Besides the history of Nepal is embedded with various colorful episodes at different intervals of time-recorded since 5th century AD. The recent excavations in the western mountains Mustang have also revealed the evidence of prehistoric human settlements in those areas. The museums of Nepal have some of those rare specimens, artifacts, weapons dating from all those periods. To a visitor who has a little bias to the history and the historic antiquities, a visit to the museums of Nepal is a must and in fact.

Similarly, Nepal, in recent times, has also become a unique melting pot of tradition-based painting and the western influences in the contemporary arts.

Religious Symbols

Z This is an ongoing work one of those never-ending projects consisting of a compilation of all known names used for coins from the ancient times to the present. Where possible, a description of coins of that name is given, as well as the most likely origin of the name, including translations. In many cases, links are made to pages which will show various examples of that denomination. Obviously, the images not all-inclusive but hopefully will give the user an idea of what some of the coin denominations looked like and how coins of the same name differ from country to country and through time.

I think that Nepal has no dating culture. People do go on a date but generally it is only when they are in a relationship. For a lot of people.

Geography Physical geography Nepal occupies a landlocked area of , square kilometres along the southern slopes of the Himalayas in south Asia. It is divided into three natural east-west geographical zones. In the centre are hills, which rise to 2, metres, and fertile valleys, of which the Kathmandu Valley is the largest. In the north, the glaciated Himalayas contains eight of the world’s 10 highest peaks, including Mount Everest Sagarmatha, Napali , the world’s tallest at 8, metres.

The Himalayas are cut by three principal river systems, the Karnali, Kosi and Gandak. Climate Nepal has a climate that ranges from subtropical with warm summers and mild winters in the southern lowlands, to alpine with cool summers and severe winters in the mountains.

Indo-Greek Kingdom

Because of the heavy weight this Lingam Casket hangs beautifully when wearing. This is the most common type worn by Lingayat laypeople. The bottom section is embellished with a round ball finial. The central sphere of the box is flanked by two projecting rectangular sides with conical lower sections- these also are embellished with round ball finals as well. The tube has three bands of repousse floral designs and very fine chasing.

The applied top section has eight decorative bales with lotus bud finals.

The Nepalese Rupee (Nepali: रूपैयाँ, symbol: रू, Rs.; code: NPR) is the official currency of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepalese rupee is subdivided into issuance of the currency is controlled by the Nepal Rastra Bank, the central bank of Nepalese rupee was introduced in , when it replaced the Nepalese mohar at the rate

Many years before the creation of greater Nepal, the Nepali language had been in use from Bhramhaputra in the east and Kashmir in the west. The linguists have taken the stone inscription of Adityabanshi king Damupal, dating back to BS, as the official source of Nepali language. After studying the gold inscription of Prithvi Malla of B. S, we can surmise that the Nepali language came into existence in Gorkha and Gadawal since then.

Prithvi Narayan Shah, during his unification campaign spanning Baise, Chaubise, Limbuwan, Khumbuwan including Apungi breakaway states, used Nepali language whenever he had to speak with the monarchs of these states. As Nepali language was already in use among the smaller states before the creation of greater Nepal, it helped Prithvi Narayan Shah in his unification campaign.

Historian Nayaraj Panta has mentioned many evidences to indicate that Nepali language was used in correspondence during the Malla era, many years before the unification campaign got underway. The Sanskrit language had occupied the position of national language throughout the Licchavi rule in Nepal. During the Malla rule, Sanskrit, Nepali and Newari language including local languages were used. In this way, Nepali language came into practice from Bramhaputra to Kashmir.

The fact is that Nepali language is not the language enforced by the victorious rulers like kings Prithvi Narayan Shah and Mahendra. Not only the Bhramin, Chetri castes but Gurung, Magar, Rai, Limbu, Newar, Tamang have embraced Nepali language as their language despite having their own separate mother tongues. This has created a huge Nepali caste.

Nepal old coins.i dont no date.

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