By Sara Roncero-Menendez So, it’s no surprise the social blogging platform hosts wildly diverse communities. Some of these groups are so big and so active they become subcultures in their own right. They take over tags, earn thousands of reblogs and even create dedicated blogs entirely dedicated to one, very specific subject. Most Tumblr users partake in one or several different subcultures, depending on their personal interests. Because Tumblr allows users to create multiple blogs, a single account can have various subculture-related blogs, as well as a personal one. Whether you want to become an active participant in one or six of them, here are some of the most prominent and popular Tumblr subcultures. Tumblr, Emma Armstrong Tumblr has become home to hundreds of fan communities, also known as fandoms. A fandom can involve any form of media — TV shows, books, movies, music, etc.

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August 23, I was cosplaying Nepeta at a con in Iowa a few weeks ago. He was super nice and he gave me a piggyback ride while an AradiaBot took our photo. Afterwords, we continued to chat, when all of a sudden, he got this weird look on his face.

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Seen on Tumblr , along with associated discussion: Nobody is the villain of their own life story. Everybody thinks of themselves as an honest guy or gal just trying to get by, constantly under assault by circumstances and The System and hundreds and hundreds of assholes. They really believe it. You can see how every insult, every failure, no matter how deserved, is a totally unexpected kick in the gut.

The thought of doing any of those things sickens you now.


You won’t have to restart your computer or download anything too big! Just thought I’d throw that out there, hehe. It is never too late too suggest a solution! This is also a possible fix for people with this problem. The only reason I refrained from suggesting it earlier is that it is relatively easy to make a malicious DLL file and not everyone on the Internet is scrupulous. Basically, everyone ought to exercise healthy precautions!

If it helps, the Maid and Knight are dating, and the Mage, Rogue, and Maid are siblings. II. 8 notes. III. homestuck homestuck session analysis maid of heart prince of time rogue of rage mage of space sylph of blood knight of doom maid-of-heart submission. thedragoninglasses liked this.

Faygo is imported in Europe by American Fizz, an official distributor of Faygo. History The Feigenson brothers, who developed Faygo, were originally bakers from Russia. Faygo first became available in in bottles with only three flavors: They charged three cents for one bottle, and five cents for two bottles. The brothers bought their first delivery truck in , and started home deliveries the following year.

They also introduced a low-calorie version in the s called Ohana. In the s they introduced flavored carbonated water. The brothers ran the company until the mid s, when they turned it over to their sons. In , the company created a series of radio and television advertisements featuring a fictional cowboy called the Faygo Kid, who was portrayed in animation for television commercials for Faygo Old-Fashioned Root Beer.

Because the drink had a limited shelf life, the company only sold its products in Michigan until the late s. Tree Sweet Products Corp. In , Faygo celebrated its th anniversary. Positive audience reaction to an early concert performance in which Violent J threw an open bottle at a row of hecklers resulted in the group continuing to spray their audiences with the drink.

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What Pumpkin Games is going through a transition period, which has involved restructuring the company, the way we develop games, and the types of projects we focus on. The approach to its development will evolve as this transition goes forward, but ensuring the release of the full Hiveswap series remains our priority. We should have more specific information about what exactly this means for Hiveswap in coming weeks.

In the more immediate future, WPG is shifting focus to making smaller, fun, lightweight games that can be produced more quickly.

Homestuck Funny Tumblr Funny Told You So Crying Funny Things Ap English English Class Sun Aesthetic Nerd Problems Herpes Dating Tips. no homestuck right now. Took them off my face and put them back. I was very disappointed. Tashie Washie.

This is a new blog. Please submit and send asks, to get us started! This is not your fault most of the time. They need to hear it often. Because they feel intense emotions, they also feel love and happiness at large proportions. This is great, because it means they really appreciate their relationships!

homestuck the dating sim

Kanaya is another one of my favorite trolls, so expect a fuck ton of bias. Kanaya lives in the desert with her custodian, a virgin mothergrub. Mother grubs, in a sense, give birth to trolls as a species, or at least help. This also shortened her lifespan for some reason.

[Id like to kindly express to you all my appreciation that i have as many followers as i do. While it may seem little each and every one of you peoples enjoyment and following means a lot.

Funding goal reached and stretch goals released! Mac support reached, new reward tier perk added, and more stretch goals revealed! Homestuck is an illustrated, semi-animated story on the internet. It is not a comic that just happens to be hosted on the internet – it was specifically designed to exist there, to explore the potential of the medium, and evolve through reader participation. I began working on it about three years ago. The end of the story is now on the horizon. When it’s complete, I’ll work with an independent game developer to create a game involving a new story based within the Homestuck universe–assuming this project is funded, of course.

The readers, through their participation, have helped make Homestuck what it has become.

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There are only 4! If you are a Guardian You have both S and J in your result: Your quest is to protect your land and the consorts from an impending doom! If you are an Idealist You have both N and F in your result: Your quest is to bring life and energy back to a wasted and broken land!

bombboi. Okay the Zendaya is Meechee Thing is Valid but he looks NOTHING like Christian Slater I s2g y’all just have heathers on the brain when ur on my blog bc people always say I look like Winona Ryder when I post a selfie and I’ve never been told that ever.

Very feminine, organized, and over-sensitive and naive. This maid will be one of the saving graces in the session, as their role is to prepare others through heart or their own soul. This Maid will be a key player in keeping the session going smoothly. The maid if heart is a creation class and in that sense can create their aspect to serve it.

This maid as a creation class would be able to create souls, this could be achieved through their soul splinters, in other words this maid would be able to create multiples of themselves based of off their positive emotions. Another theory to the maids power would be the ability to create positive emotion, these would be like happiness, courage, confidence. The last power theory I have for the maid would be that they would literally have the ability to become cupid by creating romance, literally any real life ship that the maid might have will come true.

In fact near the end of the session the maid may be the only person left keeping the session from falling apart. Although making sure that the emotions of the session is a stressful job the maid would willingly do it and with the support and protection of the knight.

List of media portrayals of bisexuality

Yet, I’d still suggest going here: I am Admin Mackenzie. This is a fan-made community page!

hi! sorry, this isn’t an ask, well it is but not regarding eridan and dave, but i just wanted to say that i love this blog and the drawings are great! have a nice day! ((thank you:3 sorry for not drawing, we are like super lazy and we have a lot of examens and shit.. we’ll start drawing soon!

Set when the Bladebreakers are battling against the cyber bitbeasts, Kai feels responsible for what happened to Wyatt and goes to see him, but what happens when he meets Wyatt’s sister and promises her vengeance? Rated M for future chapters Rated: But to his shock, it wasn’t who he thought it would be. After many of you encouraging me to continue this fic, I will.

What does this school year have in store for our bladers? Read and find out.


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